Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween -- it's just plain fun! I don't go much for blood and gore, but I kind of like the creepy, ghost-story-ness dress-up drama of it all. So, from our house to yours, I share my oldest daughter's jack o' lantern. Cool, huh? She draws the neatest dragons -- I wouldn't have believed it could be done on a pumpkin too!

In the spirit of the evening, the girls and I watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and waited for Trick-or-Treaters. (We actually got some this year!) I took the opportunity to finish up my charms for the FDA swap. I can't wait to get mine -- they are destined to be featured on my "Charmed One" doll I posted a month or so ago.

They are made of 4" squares of Tyvek which was zapped with a heat gun then pressed between 2 rubber stamps. They were then threaded on eye pins and accented with crystal drop dangles. I had to stabilize a few of the pins with glue. When I disguised the glue with glitter, I liked the effect so much I added glue to all of them. I wish the glitter showed up a little bit better -- I mixed up a bit of gold and a bit of green Art Glitter which made a beautiful rich blend.

Can you tell I like sparklies?

Finally, I want to share this sequence of photos I shot over a span of about 10 minutes from my front yard earlier this week. This month's full moon rise over Mt. Hood was simply breath taking.

I hope your Fright Night was delightful!


nita said...

Hi my Dear Kai,

Just wanted to pop in and tell you I think the pumpkin that is daughter carved is totally awesone! WOW, And I LOVE the charms that you made. I enlarged the picture and got a clear view! They are really neat!
Thanks for sharing the pics! The moom rise was so cool!

Judi Wellnitz said...

Wow - where to start? First, the series of photos were fabulous. I love moon photos. Second, the pumpkin is a work of art - such intricacy! Tell your daughter 'well done!" Last, the charms look really interesting. I had a hard time with the photo but it could be my eyes, LOL. I can't wait to see them in person.

Linda said...

Like Mother like Daughter...lots of talent in your family!!!!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh how talented your daughter is!! Those charms are beautiful. I love the effect you got with the tyvak. The photos are beautiful!!
Thanks for your comments and yes get tempted it will be lovely to see what you do with Jacque's pattern

Kai said...

Love that jack o'lantern! Great carving! And your charms are just gorgeous! I'm a shameless hussy who plan to try that stamp technique with the tyvek - only not for a charm! THANKS for the idea! Finally - the photos are absolutely stunning! THAT'S what you see from your DOOR? WOW! Take pictures in the Winter, okay? I bet it's AMAZING! (I'll pretend it's MY view from MY door. LOL! Don't I WISH?)Note: Don't know how I rated a hello from Nita on YOUR blog, but I'll TAKE it! HI, NITA!

Bear said...

I love your wonderful daughters JOL- wot a beauty- like Mum is daughter huh??
and the charms are so pretty- I wish I had gone in the charm rr this time I actually had some cute ideas- but these are so pretty and I havent been to your blog in such a long time so I read all on this page- wowee tomatoes and roses look fabulous and then the poor kittens- why oh why do people do this!!??
well Judi I love all here and wont be so long in coming back
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

Great photos, I love the charms and tell your daughter...wohooo awesome pumpkin...i love it...

Kerry said...

Love the mon rise photos, the Jack O' is awesome, woohoo well done!!
Love the charms and what a neat idea to use Tyvek, I love Tyvek and and impressed with your charms from it!!