Sunday, November 04, 2007

Kitty Update

The calendar may say November, but yesterday afternoon felt more like September. A few people have asked me for an update on the abandoned kittens, so I took the opportunity of a beautiful afternoon to grab my camera and a handful of kibble and hunt them down. They had just been fed a little while earlier however, so weren't much interested in the kibble. "Amber" flat out declined to rouse from a nap and wouldn't come out of the calf house.

"Onyx" wondered why The Food Woman suddenly decided to lie down flat on her stomach. I imagine that, were I in his paws, I would be curious too!

The bugs in the garden were much more interesting however. He is by far and away the most energetic of the trio -- NOTHING is safe from his pouncing games.

"Pemberly" was the little shy one who hid from me under the floor of the calf house. He would NOT stay in a position for a photograph where he wasn't backlit, so we had to resort to a posed photo.

Thanks for your interest! I'll be back with a regular art post later in the week.


Jacque Uetz said...

your kitties are cute,your daughter is beautiful does she take after her mother?:}

Kai said...

These lil' kitty-people make me soooo happy! They're DARLING! And your daughter looks like an angel to me! What beautiful girls you & Jake have!

Kerry said...

The kitties are so sweet and cute, I love kitties and puppies both, yur daughter is a beauty must take after her mother? I guess that is a close repeat of what Jacque said but it is what I was thinking.