Friday, August 31, 2007

Just Chillin...

One of the things I must constantly defend about our lives as professional farmers is the fact that we are tied to the land we work. It is a very big deal to arrange to for the care of the animals and the continued smooth operation of the dairy without Jake in charge. For the most part, we are content to stay put. I have worked hard to make the place where I must be also be the place I WANT to be. Hence... my studio! Oh, don't I have fun in there!

It is still a treat to go away for a little while though, and Lincoln City, OR is one of our favorite places. We got to spend a few nights there this past weekend. The days were sunny and beautiful the whole time we were there (a rare thing, believe me!) so we took advantage of every moment we could get to hang out on the beach.

I tried to take some portrait shots of the girls, but it took a moment to get them to settle down and quit clowning... Unfortunately, I didn't notice that by then my camera lens had fogged over from the change in temperature and humidity, so this is the only decent shot I got. It serves Alice right for being such a goof that I had to post *this* photo of her, LOL!

The wind is always blowing on the NW Coast, and Lincoln City's beach is famous for its kites. This display is maintained by one of the condo/hotels there, and I could watch it all day.

This dragon kite was my favorite! Isn't it the coolest? We actually went into the kite shops looking for one like it, but didn't see another.

Lydia and Jake tested the water... personally, I think they are nuts! Way too cold for me, but they must have been out there for a good 10 minutes before even they decided that the warm sand was a much more appealing option.

I just happened to have my camera in hand as this seagull swooped by. I don't know what made me snap, but I'm glad I did. Sometimes I take a good shot in spite of myself, LOL!

Jake and Alice insisted that I give up the camera and get in a shot... as a rule I HATE having my picture taken, but we were all having too good a time to argue, so I figured "what the heck" and let Alice have it. So here I am. I did NOT hold my sun hat that way on purpose, but it sure does disguise a multitude of flaws!

I am so sorry to see this summer end, but at least we got to see it out with a bang. I hope to have updated photos of my dolls in progress by the end of the weekend as well.

Happy Last Days of Summer everyone!


Judi Wellnitz said...

What a beautiful place to bring the summer to a close! Everyone looks so happy - just wonderful!

Linda Fleming said...

Love the photos of your girls having so much fun. And what a great photo of you and your fella!I'm glad you and your delightful family were able to get away and enjoy yourselves.

Kai said...

This looks like SUCH fun! I've NEVER been a beach person (too HOT here) but your family makes it look so appealing! The girls are both adorable, and I love Alice's free spirit! My fave is the photo of you & Jake! FLAWS???? Ha! You're beautiful!