Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nothing finished... Yet!

I would give just about *anything* to have a photo of a finished project to share, but I don't... yet! On the other hand, I have made some good progress on 3 alternating dolls this week, and so will have something to show for my efforts soon. Each of these little babies has a lot of drying time involved in their processes, so I feel justified in breaking my promise to myself to work on only one thing at a time for the sake of effeciency.

Yeah, right. I do believe that I am incapable of that kind of concentrated effort anyway, LOL!

This little lady is "Charmed One", from an online class by Sherry Goshon. She is a very clever design, intended to display a charm collection, and I am having pure fun making her. I am enchanted by Sherry's face designs -- doesn't she have the most wonderful expression? I wish I could say that I *intended* the paint job on her body to turn out the way it did, but I have to confess that Serendipity played a big part. The background paints flew on almost by themselves, and the bottom "flame-y" part is a scrap of silk fusion I happened to have lying around that just happened to blend perfectly. I trimmed it to fit, stuck it on with some Mod-Podge, and it was Meant To Be -- I LOVE it.

I intend to give her arms and sleeves yet this afternoon, but I have to let the fixative I used on her face dry yet, so I thought I'd post a quick blog spot while I wait. I see by looking a the photo that the box I used for her base needs some attention too, so it's just as well I took a little break.

As for this doll, if she EVER gets finished, it will be a miracle. "Lavinia Mae" is a pattern by Shari Lutz, designed to resemble an Izannah Walker doll of the early 19th century. She was originally intended to be a gift for my mother, but now I just want to get her off of my UFO pile!

I began her years and years ago when she came out as a pattern in "Cloth Doll" magazine. First I had to wait 6 months for the parts to make her head to be backordered. Then I lost the issue with the instructions to put the head together. By the time I found it, I had misplaced the parts for the head.

Once I had finished creating the head, I had misplaced the pattern pieces to create the body. By the time I had made the body, I had once again lost the head. This week I finally managed to get all parts, instructions, and ME into the studio at the same time and got her assembled. Now I have run out of gesso, and so can't prime her arms until I can make a run to the city to get some more.

See what I mean?

I am still working on the Klimt doll as well, but the beadwork is going slowly. Her neckpiece IS finally finished however, and once I finish her belt, the rest of her costume will fly together pretty quickly. In the meantime, it's still just one bead at a time. We'll get there eventually!


Linda Fleming said...

I love what you are doing with your version of the Charmed One! she's going to awesome. Love the face you gave her and the body colors are wonderful the way they flow together. As for the other one- sounds like maybe she just wasn't meant to be-LOL! She'd make a great story of the trials and tribulations of dollmaking.

Judi Wellnitz said...

Each of the dolls you are working on are so different from each other. I love how stubborn the Izannah Walker wanna-be is being - she is insisting on being made no matter what! How fun!

Kai said...

As I've already told you, I LOVE your Charmed One! That silk fusion piece was MEANT for her! And I like the box you used! I think I'll do my next one (Yes, I AM going to do another one at some point) with a different base. The Izannah Walker replica is going to be amazing. Why do I think so (besides the fact that ALL of your art is wonderful?) Because she has tried so hard to NOT be made! To ME, it's like when you KNOW someone doesn't like you too much but you really keep TRYING to be their friend. If it finally happens, you've made a WONDERFUL friend. YOU will make a wonderful DOLL! As for the Klimt doll - that one is already so stunning and will, I know, be one the best dolls you've made.

Kerry said...

Both dolls will be fantastic I am sure, by the sounds of it your Klimt doll will be amazing and I can't wait to see her, will be waiting impatiently.

Jan D said...

WOW!! Judi What a talented group of people in your family..Didn't post at each entry but sure enjoyed each and every one !!!Still giggling over the stubborn doll..I sure have had my share of them..Hope to get back more.. RIGHT NOW-- I AM SHARING ONE COMPUER WITH 6 PEOPLE SO NOT MUCH SURFING TIME and just look at all I am missing hmmmmm and hugs jandee

Louisiana Momma said...

well I just love your charmed one so far.. I like your choice of colors.. very feminine.. and her face is perfect.. and you know I like vintage so I can't wait to see what your UFO turns into :-)