Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why I Don't Make Teddy Bears...

Will you just look at this poor little creature?? Too much blush, bad embroidery, and, to add insult to injury, his little ears are SO out of alignment. His nose could have used another line or two of stitching, and his eyes aren't indented evenly.

On the other hand, after an afternoon's work in front of a movie -- one of my last solo afternoons before my girls are out of school for the summer -- he is finally assembled and no longer lying in fragments under my cutting table where he has lived since approximately 1998. This is definitely a Good Thing.

All the "quickly doable" old projects from under the table have now been completed. I am longing to begin something new, but there are still quite a few dolls to be worked on. Most of them are pretty cool too, so it's not as if I don't *want* to finish them. (Except maybe that white/white doll who is causing me so much grief -- WHY does she hate everything I do for her??)And I really do NEED to get these girls out of my work space if I ever want to have any hope of sanity in there.

It's way more fun to start something new though, LOL!


Judi said...

I would never have know all his faults if you hadn't told me - he's just too cute! Someone is really going to love him!

shashi said...

He is adorable. I can find room for him at my home. But I am sure whoever has him is going to love him too.