Friday, June 09, 2006

Please welcome "Poppy"

I am working on overcoming my chronic "Fear of Finishing". It is very common for me to get to a certain point in a successful project and then freeze -- I don't dare touch it again for fear of ruining it. Hence, the pile of nearly completed objects under my cutting table...

This morning I forced myself to pick up this former "Baby so Beautiful" and finish her. I managed to do some minor damage to her wings, but I FINISHED her ANYWAY. I am tickled to death with her -- her customizations are totally out of my own head. I probably would have done things differently if I had had a "real" plan before beginning, but hey, I learned a few things to try on the next one. And there will be a next one -- this is too much fun. The new victim is getting her bath at this very moment.

So here she is. Please meet "Poppy", the flower fairy. I had an interesting time getting a photo of her -- I think her green skin confused my photo editing software, LOL. These colors are pretty true.

The detail that gets the most smiles is the little spider and web in the upper right of her bustier.

I think she wants something in her hands, but no ideas are coming to me yet.

I had to use my largest drill bit to make the holes to insert her wings. THAT was scarey! Now that I look at the photos, I think I want to add some more of the microbead tattoos to her back. The rear view is a little skimpy compared to the front...

I really like the closure on her bustier. Even my daughters now admit that she looks sweet in it.

The green and orange fabrics are silk charmeuse from my stash that were part of a Kool-Aid dying experiment years ago. I LOVE that shade of orange -- I knew I would find just the right project for it one day!

Now, does anyone have any tips on how to glue on a wig without getting glue all over the hair???

This poor baby has spent the last 10 or so years in the bottom of my daughter's toy box. She is a grimy mess, but isn't she pretty??

Roses come to mind immediately as a flower for her, but I think I want to let that stew for a little while. She has such exotic coloring that perhaps a more exotic flower (or butterfly?) would be more fun...


Worst Blog Ever said...

Worst blog ever.

Theresa said...

This is amazing. I love the craftswomanship in the clothing and especially the wings. She looks just like my little girl... well to me and Jennifer (your D-I-Law) anyway. Would you ever be willing to part with her? or perhaps make a sister?