Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I do not need another hobby.
That being said, I had 22 years of photographs that needed re-archiving (is that a word?) and so I went -- reluctantly! -- down the scrapbooking road. OK, I confess, I love stickers!

Now I have gotten into digital scrapbooking. As much as I love my scissors and glue (and stickers!), I have to say that this is way more fun.

What is it about the computer screen that I find SO addicting? Honestly, I can (and have!) sit here for hours! Maybe it's because computer stuff makes me feel smarter. hehehe...

It is also something of an "instant gratification" thing, as these are so much faster and more fun to do. I know, I know... they are VERY basic layouts, but I find that I actively dislike the current trend of throwing everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink in with a simple photograph in a layout. TOO MUCH!

On the other hand, now I'm afraid I have developed a desire for a copy of Photoshop...

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