Monday, March 20, 2006


No pictures today... I haven't had the motivation to create lately. Between daughter's dance team activities, workouts, menu planning, and (*%#!@^* TAXES... well, even the fun stuff has just seemed like too much WORK!


Plus, I spend too darned much time in front of this computer. Lately it's been tracking calories eaten and burned, and browsing online diet boards. What can I say -- it keeps me focused on just *why* I am hungry. I have already eaten my calories allowed into next year! So, I am working on letting my body catch up. I started the Sonoma Diet after the holidays when I couldn't zip my "fat jeans". Since January 9 I have lost 23 pounds. Only 2 pounds to go to meet my goal for Easter.

12 pounds to go until I can classify myself as merely "overweight" instead of obese.

65 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight.

I only wish it didn't take as much mental and emotional energy as it has lately. The workouts are actually becoming kind of fun (did I actually write that??!) but I WISH I didn't obsess about this so much. Hopefully writing it down will purge some of the garbage thinking and make some room to let in thoughts of something else for a while.

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Judi said...

Oh I so relate to your post today! I am in the same mood - I think about creating but don't do it. Guess what - I am starting the Sonoma diet today - I am so glad to hear it is working for you. It sounds very sensible to me. Your progress sounds great - you should be proud of yourself!