Monday, January 30, 2006


It feels good to feel motivated to do things again! It is still raining, windy and cold -- will these Pacific storms *never* end??! -- but I can tell the days are getting longer. Just a little bit. I wonder if I could just go to bed at the end of November and wake up in February. It would save a lot of time and moping around!

On Saturday, Lydia and I went to see the Silverton dance team compete in Tualatin. One of the older girls was sick, so Alice got her chance as an alternate to do her thing and dance with the rest of the team. I know I'm only her mom, but I think she was terrific! The team took first place in their division. A good omen for State, you think?

Now this is what I've been playing with lately. I *would* say "working on", but I get less frustrated with my big clumsy fingers and their inability to do exactly what I want them if I think of it as play...

This is my January project for my Yahoo! group Playing With Clay Sculpt Along. I am so glad they let me in to play!

Look how deep those eye sockets are on this rough sculpt! Don't you think that they OUGHT to be deep enough to set in some eyes? But no, I had to add quite a bit of clay to the brow to get the eyes to set far enough back into the skull. Lesson learned #1: make those eye sockets REALLY REALLY DEEP!

Now she's looking pretty good, seeing as how I am such a beginner. (I will NOT expect perfection... I will NOT expect perfection... Yet!)

She is slightly cross-eyed because the inner corner of her left eye is set in deeper than the right. They actually ARE in straight. The discrepancy is much more noticeable in the photograph than it is in real life.

I am absolutely delighted with her ears!

Here she is with her hair is in place. I used wefted mohair in an auburn brown -- I wish MY hair was that color! Lesson learned #2: paint the scalp the color of the hair so if it shows through it won't be so noticeable. I had to use too much hair to cover her head enough. Alas for those cute cute ears!

See the beadwork around the base of her stand? That will be her collar. I am trying to decide if I should underline it with some fine silk. We will just have to see when the collar is done. I think the beads just might be enough. Heaven knows, it ought to be enough -- I don't make jewelry this elaborate to wear for myself!

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