Friday, December 30, 2005

Finished PAIR of socks!

A pair? Really??? Yes, by golly, a really-o truely-o finished PAIR of socks made by ME, the Queen of the Single Sock Knitters.

You can be sure that the dozen or so single socks lying around my yarn room waiting for their mate to be knitted are jealous...

... but it is really amazing how much knitting one can accomplish when all one is doing is sitting around visiting and watching movies with holiday guests! I would do this more often if I could coerce someone else into doing the laundry and cooking.

No, on second thought, not the cooking. I like to cook too much.

This is my first pair from "official" sock yarn on size 1 needles. It was a little bit like knitting on toothpicks. The yarn is "Socketta", a machine washable cotton/wool/nylon blen which I hope will wear better than the handspun I used last time I made socks.

I've already begun another pair, this time in a lace pattern using a multicolored yarn by Lorna's Laces. They aren't knitting up quite as quickly, but they are certainly more interesting! Now, if only I can work up enough personal discipline to make BOTH socks.

Why, WHY is it so hard to do the exact same thing twice??

1 comment:

Judi said...

As long as the Sock Police don't hunt you down you can wear mismatched pairs of socks! You'd be, oh, so very interesting! You could show off your skills .. you could, ummm, have warm feet? Go for it!