Monday, July 26, 2010

September Iowa Retreat - Mini-class Samples

I will be teaching a mini-class at the Iowa Retreat in September -- these are photos of the class samples I have made using the transparent-image-over-collaged-background technique I worked out last spring. I hope everyone in class has as much fun with this technique as I have had!

This first one used a studio portrait from around 1912 or so of my grandmother and a neighbor boy as very young children. 

This next canvas used the exact same technique, but I created an entirely different effect by using  a different style of photo, different image editing techniques, and different collage papers.  Anything goes, really!

I am putting up this last one only to serve as a horrible example and a warning: don't let your background collage become too important!  I spent HOURS creating this background, including fussy-cutting the floral bouquet in the lower left from a vintage magazine advertisement.  Such a waste... 

Myy grandmother was such a beautiful bride, but you would never know it from this mess.


Healing Woman said...

That is definitely a class I would want to attend if I lived closer. I remember when you were working on that technique. Love the first photo of your grandmother and friend.
Good luck on getting a full class.

Judi W. said...

I'd go to the retreat just to learn this! :) Great photo.

Shashi Nayagam said...

I think everyone is going to have a lot of fun with this. Looks like it is going to be great class oh how I envy those who are going to take your class.