Monday, May 04, 2009

Photo of the Week - WIP, continued

Even though I promised myself I wasn't going to do any more bird photos for my Photo of the Week, there was a beautiful egret out in the north field this morning posing just for me. I grabbed my camera (yes! the long lens was still on!) and ran out, snapping away happily for a few minutes. But when I tried to call up the photos for review, all I saw was a blank black screen with the words "No CF Card" in stark white letters. Arghhhhhhh!!!

At least I get to keep my promise of no more bird pictures, LOL.

Instead I set up my light box and took some more photos of my Fairy-in-Progress. Her second sleeve is on the floor by her right foot ready to add to the dress, but I wanted to show her skin and how it was attached before it all got covered up by her clothing. Oh how I love that color of blue!

I didn't make her smile on purpose, but I didn't realize I had sculpted her face so cranky! I need to give her dress a bodice yet, then add her hair, and then I can attach her wings and finish her. My favorite part!

In between stitching and gluing and letting things dry I managed to get the first layer of texture added and baked on to my dragon eggs. I'll play with them some more tonight.

I am adding one more photo of a sculpt in progress - this is the photo I took in order to check whether or not it was ready for a final smoothing.

Darn it... not quite!

And just one more... I took this one of my daughter and her boyfriend Saturday night before they left for Prom. I got others that were more formal, but I absolutely love their expressions in this one. Don't they look like they're already having a wonderful time?


Jennifer Rose said...

they look really happy :D

Jennifer Rose said...

stupid blogger comment system... :/

i love that blue fabric :) i love the bird photos :D can never have too many, shame about your card though

Kerry said...

Well you can never have too many bird or flowers photos as far as I am concerned. The sculpt and eggs are going to be great and that photo of your daughter and friend loks like it was straight from a magazine photo shoot! Fantasic!

Michelle Eaton said...

I love seeing the process in making your dolls. I can't wait to see it finished. The photo of your daughter and boyfriend is gorgeous! They look so happy.

Serena said...

WOW! Your fairy is looking gorgeous....I don't think she looks cranky....maybe a little sad though?

A beautiful, casual shot of your daughter with her boyfriend. I LOVE her hair!

MaryO said...

Hmmm, the fairy looks more pouty to me than cranky, but I do love that fabric you've chosen..luscious.
Love that photo of Alice and her date. I hope they had a glorious night at the prom.
I hate that about the egret photos, what a disappointment for you!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Your projects are progressing beautifully.
Your daughter and her boyfriend make a lovely couple

Linda Fleming said...

FIP is looking great, Judi. When I first saw the eggs, I thought you were baking a new dessert with M&M's topping it-LOL! Then I saw the batting- duh on me ;)

Love this head you are working on. Are you going to sculpt the body too?

And look at your gorgeous daughter! What a good looking couple.

Karen Becker said...

What a sweet pic of the kids, so happy! I'm anxious to see how your fairy is going to turn out. Already looks great!
Karen Becker

HElen said...

Beautiful photo of happy daughter and her friend! Wonderful moment!

Your fairy is coming great! Looking forward to more pictures of your work!

and do not mind birds at all :)

BumbleVee said...

thanks seeing the progression pics..... for a fellow doll maker, it is always great to see what goes under etc....well, it is for me anyway. I'm nosy and curious and...well,...I just have to know! It always opens up more possibilities when I learn a new thing....

love the velvet for her gown...and I'm with Mary...she doesn't really look cranky to me.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Love how your doll is coming along and the eggs.
Your daughter is really pretty and her boyfriend very cute too. They make a nice couple. Hope they had fun at the prom. :)