Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dingle Darling, a sleeping baby

I began this little guy over two months ago in Marilyn Radzat's "Leaf Pod Baby" class at That Creative Place, but, due to the distractions of the holidays and ill health, I just finished him yesterday.

Meet my Dingle Darling. He is exceedingly easy to make, so I'm afraid that I went a little berserk with the embellishments. Geez, I love embellishments, LOL!

"Dingle" is a new favorite word of mine.

Din"gle\, n. [Of uncertain origin: cf. AS. ding prison; or perh. akin to dimble.] A narrow dale; a small dell; a small, secluded, and embowered valley.

The Dingle Cradle owes more to Jean Bernard than Marilyn Radzat I'm afraid. Maybe I'll be bored with them some day, but right now I can't get enough of vine-y things and Paverpoled fibers.

Hmmmmm... I think, looking at this photo, that I want to add one more little pillow puff to the upper right. It looks a bit hollow there. I have a tiny bit of that hand-dyed silk velvet left. It is the most luscious stuff!

Copyright restrictions forbid me to offer him for sale on my Etsy site. That's OK though... he's so cute, I think I want to keep him anyway!


Karen Becker said...

Judi, your little dingle is beautiful! Just so pretty! Karen

Linda Fleming said...

Beautiful, Judi! I am just blown away by all that embellishing. And the photos of this little darling are great.

Sprite said...

Just beautiful Judi! What a cutie.
I doubt you'll get bored playing with those its to much fun and yummy, isnt it! :) Love that dingle cradle.

Big hugs,

Judi W. said...

Love all the viney things and the paverpoley things :D

Your little dude is too cute!

Kerry said...

Very cute and I love all the embelishing and all the texture that you've created!!

Mary O. said...

Love your little dingle, Judi. With all the embellishment you've made yourself a little jewel. It's just dear!

Lisa Gatz said...

That is absolutely beautiful, Judi!

Bear said...

oh dingle is so pretty n so is his bed
the embellishing you have is amazing the baby looks so happy in there
love u bear xoxoxox