Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Checking in

I will be posting photos soon of my latest WIP, which is coming along slowly. I wish I had more time for creating lately, but the reality of the situation is that our country's crashing economy is taking its toll on our business as well, and I am needed to do other things. We have been forced to lay off one of our workers, and Jake is picking up that slack.

I don't really believe that things will ever go back to what we believed was "normal", but I also know that God has us in His plan. There is a place for us; if not here, then somewhere else. Some days my faith wavers and fear takes over. I keep fighting though -- I do believe that "this, too, shall pass."


I have been spending my "creating" time to get serious about building up my Etsy Shop. I have been having good results this past month, which encourages me to keep at it. I plan on adding a section of books and patterns this week as well -- oh, how I need to reduce my library, LOL!


Kerry said...

Keep the faith Judi, I am so sad you had to lay off a worker, I try not to worry about our jobs here too but it is a scary thing and all you can do deal with life as it comes one day at a time, your doing great and good luck next year with your Etsy I hope it keeps going god for you.

Linda Fleming said...

Yes, times are rough right now for so many. I really feel for you younger people that still have kids at home. Sending good thoughts your way, Judi.

MaryO said...

I'm keeping you in my thoughts, too, Judi, and hoping that things will begin to look more hopeful for you soon. Meantime, good luck with your Etsy shop and congratulations on the success you've had with it so far!