Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank You Thomas

All the arrangements have been made -- it's too late to back out now! -- and I owe it all... well, OK, some of it anyway... to Tom Selleck. I (yes, ME!) have reservations and confirmations and credit card statements that say that I will be in Marshalltown, Iowa over the weekend of September 12-14. What could be more exciting??

"Iowa? Exciting?" you ask, and I say YES!! Sherry Goshon and Jean Bernard are hosting a dollmakers retreat there that weekend, and *I* get to go! When the opportunity for me to attend this retreat came up, I thought about it, but gave it up as too selfish to spend that kind of money on just me. Jake MADE me sign up, insisted I go.

(I confess, I didn't argue too much.)

So... what does this have to do with Tom Selleck? Well... let's just say that I love my husband and my husband loves "Magnum, P.I.". Over the last couple of Christmases I have bought him every last episode released to date on DVD. Every. Last. One. (I think we're about through season 8 by now. Oh my.) Lately, we have watched one episode after another in lieu of network TV for... a long time now. I usually work a sudoku puzzle or work on a hand project, but he likes it that I'm there with him.

I think this is his way of saying Thank You. Isn't he the best??

I love you Jake! And...

Thank YOU Thomas!


Kai said...

WOOOOHOOOO! You SO deserve the trip & happy time, lil' Judi! I know you will have FUN as well as bring back a head filled with marvelous new techniques! AND you get to spend time with the incredibly talented Sherry and Jean! Please, give them my love! As for Jake, he's a sweetheart to the MAX. And tho' I never imagined myself thanking Tom Selleck for ANYTHING, I DO thank him if he is in any way responsible for your going on a wonderful trip! P.S. TAKE YOUR CAMERA - PLEASSSSSSE - and capture the people & events at the conference!!!!!

Jennifer A. said...

As an English teacher by training, I give you an A+ for your attention getting device. It nearly gave me a heart attack to read that title. (I thought you might actually have met a celebrity.) This dollmakers retreat sounds like a lot of fun, but does it mean you won't be going to Okttoberfest this year?