Saturday, March 01, 2008

Whew...! I've been at it all day (don't you love weekends?!) The only reason I quit working on the chair is because there is a bunch of stuff that has to dry before I do any more. It's a good thing I have a loving a supportive family that also likes takeout -- notice the pizza boxes on the table behind the chair?

I'm sorry for the lack of contrast in these photos. I layered a piece of stockinette knit left over from a previous project to the wings. It was dyed BRIGHT fuschia, so while it gave a marvelous web-y texture to the surface of the wings, it was also horribly distracting. To tone it down I gave the whole thing a coat of metallic silver paint, which creates a horrible glare in the flash. Unfortunately it's too wet to move down in to my light tent, and I want to post this update tonight, sooooo... I hope you can see enough detail to make it worth the look.

Front view -- notice the smidge of fuschia left on the right wing. It's too bad I didn't take a photo before painting over all that color. It was seriously wild! The bits of white around the edges are new apoxy added after the coat of paint, and some coarse texture medium which will eventually dry clear. I'll give the whole thing a remedial coat of paint tomorrow, and then I can begin adding color. Making progress... woo hoo!

Here's the back view -- it has as much going on behind as ahead. I can NOT wait until tomorrow to play some more.

And finally, I know that hard winter still has a lot of the country in a tight grip, but this popped up in my garden yesterday. Take heart everybody -- spring is coming!


Linda Fleming said...

Wowser! Your chair just blows my socks off! So intricate- I can't wait to see this finished. Have I mentioned lately how much I love and admire your work, Judi?

Judi Wellnitz said...

I didn't notice the claws before - spectacular! I seriously believe this is the best chair to come out of the class. And it's not even half done.

Thanks for the photo of the flower - I needed the hit of spring!

Bear said...

ooh Judi
the more I see the more I wanna have it here in my wee hands to play wiv always and always- oh my Judi its the very best most AMAZING piece of ART I have sighted in ages - its wonderful beautiful its going to take flight and wing away somewhere interesting - I wanna see the next stage - blow on the paint Judi blow on it- hair dryer ooh my this is awesome!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox

MaryO said...

Judi, I'm searching for a word to describe your chair and the closest I can come up with is
"fantasmagoric"! I don't know if that is a real word, but I heard it long ago and it stuck in my memory bank just so I could apply it to your amazing chair! Wonderful, delightful work!!!!

Kerry said...

The chair is tremendously awesome! Thanks for the beautiful uplifting flower picture,please Spring hurry up!!

Kai said...

Judi, you NEVER disappoint! Your art has a very distinct quality that sets it apart. I think maybe it's because you take your time and really pay attention to detail. Whatever it is, I'm always enthralled! The chair is more than worthy of being the cover shot for a fantasy book! Now, the daffodils - well, let's just say mine have bloomed too, and TO ME they are the Yellow Kiss of Death. LOL! Dread them - dread Robins (which arrived here in mid-February) and dread Spring! But, with that said, I'm glad for you because I know you LOVE it as much as I detest it!