Thursday, December 06, 2007

Two Finished Objects!

The past weeks have been maddeningly busy, but I did manage to finish Emma and Pin-elope between the bouts of madness. I made some rather goofy mistakes... er... design changes to both patterns, but I am still happy with them, and happier still to have actually FINISHED something for a change!

Emma's pattern was designed with seam allowances, but I constructed her with the template method, so she is a little wider than the original. If I make another one, I will add at least one layer of gesso under her paint as well. I don't dare sand her smooth now or I will take off her flesh. Ouch!

Isn't Pin-elope a delightful pincushion? He sits on the little table beside my spot on the couch -- I haven't misplaced my snippy scissors in weeks. Once I finished beading him, I looked again and realized that I had put the little pouf ball that forms his body on sideways. Oh well... he's still cute as can be. I will SURELY make at least one more of these.

Both of these patterns were designed by Jacque Uetz, and can be found at Dollmakers Journey.


Linda Fleming said...

Oh, Judi! Pin-elope and Emma are so beautiful! I know Jacque is going to flip with joy when she sees what you have done with her patterns. Truly beautiful work, but then your work is always outstanding.

Kerry said...

Both are beautiful! Jacque will be pleased for sure!!

Kai said...

Both are so lovely! I knew that doll was going to be special! AND SHE IS! She's absolutely perfect! And the lil' pincushion is darling! I still say that is just the best color combination! Very elegant!

Jacque Uetz said...

Judi you did a delightful job with them both.They are both beautiful .I am happy you enjoyed making them..and get lots of use from penelope..thank you!

Judi Wellnitz said...

HA - I use my Pinelope too! Isn't it great to have a doll that you can really truly enjoy!! It came out grand!

Yvette said...

These both turned out wonderful!!
Little penelope is just darling and yes very delightful!! :o)