Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Aftermath

I live on the fringes of an area that was visited by a powerful set of twin storms last weekend. While we and our animals were stressed and frightened during the worst of the winds, we escaped with only some debris to clean up and a little water in the basement. Others were not so blessed. I am haunted by the images in the news this week of dairy farms in the Chehalis, WA area that were destroyed in the night by a flooding river. Feed, hay, even the cows... literally washed away. I can't imagine how Jake and I would cope if we were to lose our herd.

Cooincidentally, my husband's brother sold his herd earlier this month, and is grieving their loss as well. This is one of those times that remind us how fragile our lives really are, and I am simply grateful that we are able to continue on. For now at any rate.

On a lighter note, check this out.

Yes, that is one of the kittens that was dropped on our door last fall. One has disappeared without a trace, and another was hit by a car. This little guy came to the door of the house during the storm and sat there and meowed. Then he went to the front porch and sat on the table in front of the living room window and meowed. (The dogs were not amused!)

We finally let him in just to shut him up, and now we can't get him out again. Oh, we can pick him up and carry him out of the house, but as soon as the door opens he is in again. Like a shot! I suppose this means we now have a 4th cat.

I have been complaining for years about my ugly Christmas Treetop Angel. I made it back in the 80's -- it's fake rafia needlepointed onto plastic canvas. At the time I thought it was cute (WHAT was I thinking?!) but it really is quite hideous. So I am making a new one.

This is an angel from a pattern by Leta Benedict. I gave her sleeves and hair this morning. This afternoon I am off to Michael's to see if I can find some wings for her, and something to put in her hands.

I am looking forward to putting up my tree this year!


Linda Fleming said...

I think kitty has decided to be an indoor cat-LOL! Your siamese is beautiful- when my boys were little we had a siamese cat- he was a wonderful.

Your angel is already so pretty, I can't wait to see her finished. Do we get to see the ugly one? LOL

Shashi Nayagam said...

Love your Siamese cat Judi. I used to have one too. He was such a character. Your kitty obviously wants the love and warmth she gets in your house. She has fallen in love with you.
Love your angel She is beautiful

Glittering threads on the wind said...

The cats are wonderful, I adore cats and wish I could have more, but my one and only doesn't tolerate any others around. Though she is always inviting the neighbors cats in.
LOVE the angel, she is gorgeous.

Fran said...

Your cats are cuties. Cats are my favorite. They are family. :-)
Your Angel is lovely. WOW!!
Love & Hugs

Kai said...

That little ball of fur would be impossible to resist! VERY cute! And your Siamese is gorgeous! Your new treetop angel's a beauty! I hope we'll get a photo of her finished and on the tree! Hint, hint! And, Judi, I'm just so grateful & glad that you & yours were not injured during the storm, nor deprived of your herd! LOVE YOU!

Judi Wellnitz said...

I guess I'm the only non-cat person here, LOL. It is cute - but it would make me sneeze. Love your Angel - her face is just perfect - very serene as an Angel should be! Can't wait to see what you find for wings. I hear CR Crafts has really awesome wings. Oh yeah - the first issue of Adele's newsletter was all about wings. You can make really neat ones with petals. She has instructions.

Kerry said...

Love the cats and glad you let him in... another cat lover here. (:
Beautiful angels, when she gets her wings I'll be back... I love my new angel from Jacques pattern she makes my tree even more meaningful and I feel a kind of bond with my tree, I may never take it down this year. LOL

Yvette said...

He looks purrrrrfectly content and cozy cuddled up on your lap.

Your angel turned out lovely! She will look wonderful gracing the top of your tree! :o)