Monday, July 23, 2007

Painting again

It has been too long since I posted, but there is so much going on here this summer -- not much of it blog-worthy either I'm afraid -- that it hasn't really been on my radar to sit down and write. It feels good to be doing it today. Besides, it is time to come up for air now that I have finished reading the last "Harry Potter" book.

I have been doing what my friend Sue calls "committing a neatness" in my studio, so that I can work in there again. My poor cutting table is literally buried in the debris on ongoing projects, oh my! So in the meantime, because I just can't NOT be creating, even if only for a few minutes a day, I have once again picked up brushes and begun painting. I had so much fun with the little strawberry sketch that I did for a round robin cookbook that I decided to do some more. These little dragons are destined to be cut out and used as page accents for the book I am working on right now. Look, no mud! I think I might finally be getting the hang of watercolor.

This little blueberry sketch was supposed to be "next" in the cookbook project, but fortunately I discovered that the owner of the book despises blueberries BEFORE I added the recipe to her collection. It's all good though... it just means that I have a headstart on the next book. I will be rather sorry to see this exchange end -- it is easily the most fun and relaxed I've ever participated in.

Oh, and look what I found! The Library where I work is going to have a big used book sale next month, and I have been helping sort the donations. This treasure came in and I HAD to have it! (NOT cheating... we have a pre-sale cart set up already, so these books ARE for sale to the public. I just got there first, LOL!) I know it's in terrible sad shape, but it is still so pretty. It called to me... really it did! I have NO experience with altering books, but I am going to give it a try.


Kai said...

Ohhhhhhh! I ADORE those dragons! They bring to mind Wi, my meimei (sister) who taught me all the wonderful things her Chinese family does to celebrate their new year! You paint SO beautifully, Judi! I need to be around you - maybe some of your marvelous talents & abilities would rub off on me! (LOL! Don't I WISH!) As for the blueberries, that bad, naughty person who loathes EATING them, DOESN'T loathe looking at your wonderful painting of them! And the Poe book - copyright 1882 - you are BRAVE! I wouldn't be able to alter a book that old. Of course, I'm a weirdo who cringes when I cut up MAGAZINES. Sigh ... you'll make something incredible with old Edgar Allen's book! When you DO, I would love to see!

Judi said...

Your painting is exquisite! I think the dragons could be tattoo flash! I think they are great!

I don't think I would actually alter the 1892 Poe book - what I would do it take it apart and use the pages in other projects, LOL. Maybe sell some too.

Louisiana Momma said...

I agree with Judi on the book - you probably want to just use the pages taken out of the book - as the book binding (being that it is old) will probably not withstand the altering and extra bulk .. you don't want to put all that work into something that will fall apart later.. this coming from a former altered art artist :-)

Loved your paintings too - and i agree with Judi (again) that it looks like a tattoo!! Of course - she also said it looked like I was knitting a jock strap on my blog.. LOL

So glad to see you blogging again - I wonder how you are when you don't post.. I miss seeing what is going on with you :-)

Jacque Uetz said...

OMG you painted those strawberries?? They were beautiful I had no idea you painted so well you can paint all over mine when you get it roflol!!
Your dragon is wonderful too,I am glad to see you posting I guess that means it is my turn LOL!!
What a find on that book If it were mine I would just lay it on a table but I am in love with the past and old stuff..I have an old silver spoon worn thin, I had never seen a spoon so thin, so my mind wonders back to its use..Well I wrote a book roflol!!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Judi your paintings are awesome!! What more can I say I am speechless! As for the book it is beautiuful. What a lovely find indeed. I would listen to the experts like Judi about the book as I have no experience in that sort of thing.

Linda Fleming said...

Judi, your painting is every bit as wonderful as your doll making! You are such a marvelous artist - one of those rare artists who can work beautifully in any medium!

As for the book- I say it is your treasure and you should use it in whatever way your muse dictates.

Sue said...

Talk about multi-talented! What beautiful, beautiful work you do, Judi. And that book -- what a find!