Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday USA!

Happy 4th of July! In the grand tradition of government workers everywhere, seeing as how it is a federal holiday I have today OFF, so I am devoting myself to goofing off, LOL! I don't even have to cook, as we have been invited to our neighbors' annual barbecue.

It's about time I got cracking on some of my swaps, so I have begun the final assembly of this month's cookbook project. My recipe for this month is my favorite version of strawberry shortcake, so the project for the book was this little watercolor.

I have been back at my jewelry making again. Last week I was lucky enough to be wait-listed into a full class with my favorite designer Emily Smart. She really is an amazing teacher, so patient, and she makes everything look so easy. Of course it's easy, now that I know how she does it, but before that... no way!

The class project was our own version of her design for these sterling silver halo chokers. Mine features thai silver beads, fresh water pearls, swarovski crystals, and aquamarines. I also bought enough silver wire to make 3 more... so many ideas crammed into one brain HAVE to be let out or else cause an injury. The wire is NOT cheap, but hey! I have a job now.

(I got my first real paycheck last week... woo hoo!)

Last but not least, I finally committed to a pose for my 2D/3D challenge doll, based on the masterpiece "Judith" by Gustav Klimt. The only downside to this choice is that Judith is holding a decapitated head in her hands, which means I have to make another head. This project just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Good thing I made extra eyes while I was at it.

The designer's instructions call for the doll to be painted with tinted gesso, but I decided to give her a coat of plain white gesso and THEN paint her, as I want to try to imitate Klimt's skin tones as closely as possible. I am using Genesis paints and having SO much fun. Once I got the hang of their eccentricities, I found them to be workable to the point of playfulness. Sheer delight! and then once I get a section just how I like it, poof! a little heat set and they are dry and ready for the next section.

I haven't quite captured the sleep-eyed stare of the original painting, but then again, it's supposed to be "inspired by", not an actual copy.

Klimt is famous for his gorgeous nudes, and this pattern does not disappoint.


Judi said...

Wow - you are on a roll - and look how diversified you are! What a talent!

Love the little watercolor - makes me want to go buy some strawberries! The necklace is gorgeous - how do you keep the collar from bending? Your doll is coming along swimmingly - I was wondering how the Genesis did on straight cloth. I plan on playing with that soon.

Enjoy your day off!!1

Jennifer A. said...

That was a watercolor? For just a second, I thought it was a photograph. There are days when I forget how many genres you work in, Mom.

p.s. California pictures coming to my blog soon

Yvette said...

Happy 4th of July to you too!!

I love your necklace it is just gorgeous

And your doll is looking fantastic. Her pose and shape are wonderful! Can't wait to see her finished!!! :o)

I miss you too!! It has been so busy with the kids out of school.

Kai said...

You amaze me, my lil' friend! Your talent just expands to so many areas! First of all, I think the watercolor is beautiful! It makes me MORE determined to continue these painting lessons. (The instructor most likely wishes I WOULDN'T! LOL!) Your necklace is gorgeous! You have a good neck for necklaces. That may sound silly, but not everyone DOES! And the doll - oh, that doll! I'm in LOVE with her! The colors are wonderful, and her expression is so intense! But you know my favorite thing? HER KNEES! They are sooooo great! I want to make KNEES like that! You are on a roll, Judi! I am dying to see this doll completed!

Louisiana Momma said...

all your new creations are so beautiful.. the painting.. the doll .. the necklace :-) It's nice to see someone diversified like myself ;-) And your choice of artists - KLIMT!!! My absolute favorite - I have a print of his painting "The Kiss" that I just adore.. I cannot wait to see how your doll turns out!!

P.S. Glad to see you back to blogging :-) I missed reading it!!