Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another Round Robin doll ready to travel

What I *really* want to be posting are "in process" pictures of my latest doll, but it is a challenge piece and so must remain a secret until after the voting is completed. It's a pity, because this little being's metamorphosis has been a magical adventure, and another example of how much I can accomplish in an experiment if I just RELAX about the results, LOL!

Our Colorful Adventures Round Robin is just about ready to come to a close. I think I only have one more doll to work on, and then that one will be sent home to its owner. Which ALSO means that MINE will soon be home as well. I can't wait!

This doll was originated by a wonderful doll artist with a very quirky style. I hope she is happy with what has been done to her doll. I think she is "Simply mah-veh-lus dahling!". If you double click on the photo you can see a larger view of her, you can get a better idea of the depth of detail that has gone into her creation. Can you see the dragonfly in her hairpiece? Her beautiful facial tattoos? AND the wonderful texture and color on the crown-of-thorns gourd that makes up her base?

Honestly, there are enough ideas on this one doll to fill an embellishment book!

When she came to me her arms were stark white. The obvious and easy choice for my addition was to give her arms a flesh tone. After a little playing around mixing different colors of Dyna-Flow into a flesh tone, it didn't take any time at all to paint the arms. Because it was SO easy I felt a little guilty and decided to add a little more, so I dug up some black stretch lace and made her some gloves.

The only snag occured when I went to put the glove on her left hand -- she was wearing a bracelet that had been stitched on by another artist. I carefully snipped the thread, restrung the beads in exactly the order created by the original artist, THEN put on the glove and reattached the bracelet. Whew!

OK, NOW I feel that I have done enough and can send her on with a clear conscience.


Judi said...

The closer we get to the end, the less there is left to do on the dolls! This one WAS fun to work on wasn't it. Love the gloves - perfect touch!

Kerry said...

Seems she should have a champagne glass in one hand and a long cigarette in the other. She is wonderful, how many are in this rr and what group is it for?

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh Wow!! she is awesome. This doll is going to make the owner very happy.

Kai said...

Oh, she's VERY glamorous, dah-ling! So colorful & glitzy! The gloves are exactly right, and I'm inclined to agree with Kerry re: the glass of champagne! LOL! (What do I know about champagne? I don't even DRINK!) Still ... This looks as though it was an especially FUN RR! Hmmm ... I'd wondered what I could do with that type of gourd ...

Jan D said...

Oh wow !! Now I cant wait to see my doll... I worked on this doll and was wondering how she was developing!! In fact I am curious about all of them..How exciting to see all the different ideas come together WOW Can you tell this is my first doll RR WOW And if I stop breaking my computer I could keep up with things hmmmm WHo else JD