Monday, May 14, 2007

A Busy Week

There is nothing like being busy to prod one into getting things done. Thanks to my new job, my days are no longer entirely my own, so I need to work on my various projects in a much more organized and efficient manner.

This is "Lily Ann", an all-cloth doll from a pattern by Kezi Matthews. I have been trying to put her on my Etsy site, but I haven't been able to get a decent photo of her in my little light tent. I popped over to the hardward store this weekend for another length of PVC pipe to make longer legs for the frame, so now she fits inside and I can photograph her at last.

All her features are hand embroidered using cotton floss.

This little darling is my first completed "Reborn" doll. She started out as a "Lots to Love" doll by Berengeur. I took her apart, painted more realistic features and skin colors on all the vinyl parts, and gave her a rooted mohair wig instead of the textured vinyl she started out with. Then I sewed a new and more proportionate body for her out of cuddly soft doe suede, jointed her parts back together, and weighted her body for a more realistic heft. Her romper is made of Hoffman cotton and trimmed with lace.

I enjoyed the painting part a great deal, but sewing the body and clothes was rather boring. I may make another one some day, but not any time soon.

Last but not least, I finished weaving the prayer blanket I began for my brother-in-law last autumn. I stopped work on it for a while when I found out that his church had already made him one. I need the loom for another project though, so I got this one off, sewed up the center seam (my loom isn't wide enough to make a full-width blanket in a single swath) and bound it this morning with the coolest irridescent silk duipioni. It has a few quirks so I don't think it's nice enough to give as a gift or sell, but it is a wonderfully heavy fuzzy thing and will be pleasant to have on hand next winter.

"Magik" the cat likes the corner where the yarn has noticibly more mohair spun into it.


Linda Fleming said...

Good grief, Judi! You got all these marvelous creations finished in addition to starting a new job? You are a remarkable woman, my friend! The prayer blanket is amazing and beautiful. And the reborn is just so adorable! As for Lily Ann, well, she is precious. Love her dress and darling little shoes. Her face is so sweet.
Linda F from FL

Shashi Nayagam said...

I wish I could be organised like you. Even while working I never was organised and I have been thinking what I should do with the UFOs and thats how far I get lol.
Beautiful dolls Judi. Glad you got to finish them.

Kerry said...

Love the Kezi doll, those are such cute patterns, I have never made one but I can see the appeal. Your reborn is adorable, I love her rosy cheeks and your prayer shawl anyone one would be happy to own. Wonderful work as always!!

Kai said...

I'm so impressed by your organizational skills! Even MORE impressed by the quality of your work. Judi, Lily Ann is a charmer! Everything ABOUT her is darling! Your reborn is so realistic I expect her to whimper in her sleep. That's your FIRST reborn? WOW! And I must confess - it was ONLY after I had thoroughly oooohed and ahhhhed over that sweety-pie Magik that I saw the marvelous blanket! It's a cuddly-soft stunner! The silk binding is SO appealing! You have just been dubbed SuperJudi!

Louisiana Momma said...

love them all of course. Your reborn is amazing J! It is so cool how realistic she looks.. touselled hair and all! All that and job - perhaps you could teach some of us some of that organization stuff.. maybe a little motivation too :-)

Yvette said...

Lily Ann is beautiful! I love Kezi's patterns

Your reborn is amazing. I thought it was a real baby!!!

Magik seems to be at home on the blanket. :o)

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

I say wayyyyyyyy to go...lots done and they are all wonderful...wohooo and a new job too...oh my

MaryO said...

Well done, Judi! Both your reborn and Lily Ann are beautiful and so are Magik and the blanket....LOL! Must be nice to get so many projects out of the way all at once!

Alicia said...

HOW in the world do you do it? Beautiful reborn doll... I am completely in awe and want one of my own! And the blanket? Love it! I tried to pick of knitting a few months ago and bombed. Maybe weaving could work more in my favor?

Wolfsong said...

I have recently come across your blog and have been very much enjoying reading about and seeing your work. You are very talented!!

I love the prayer blanket-did you spin the yarn for it yourself? Your kitty looks like s/he would make some wonderful yarn!

Thank you for sharing your work, I look forward to reading more!!

Jan D said...

woohooo Judi -have I been gone that long or are you just super fast??My you have a lot done and they all look like you took forever to get them perfect AH me I dont know if I am inspired or just unhappy with my talents(okay I am pushing it a lil WHat talents?? anyway at least I can enjoy YOURS and have fun with mine RIght??Keep up the great work Hugs JAN D

Grasshoppa's Art Adventures said...

Judi you have been busy how you do it is beyond me with all you have going on. the new doll is great and love the prayer blanket. as far as teh few quirks that you may have in teh blanket that is what makes it special! You know in some cultures things are made with something not perfect even as gifts as that shows that it is handmade and we are not perfect. Anyone would be honored to receive that blanket knowing it came with the love from your hands and heart.