Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Spring Sculpt

Remember the little head I posted a week or so ago? In an effort to stay busy and not think about flying through a blizzard tomorrow, I have begun to give it a form. The little fey face is so charming, but I just couldn't imagine what to do about that horn...

He finally told me that he wanted to be a Dragonfly. Oh yes, I can DO that!
His torso was pretty easy to sculpt. I used a blend of ProSculpt Light and Cernit, which is a BREEZE to work with. Now that I see a photo though, I wish I had made him just a little slimmer.

I am especially proud of the muscle definition in his back. I can actually *see* his traps and lats flexing as he pulls his arms back. Thank goodness for anatomy books for artists! You can't really tell from the photo, but he also have a very cute little butt.

The coloring in his tail is made of slices of a cane of Premo Sculpey in green pearl, blue pearl, pearl, black, and blue. I covered it with Pearl-Ex when it was finished, but now I'm kind of sorry I did that. You can't see the detail of the cane slices very well any more. Oh well, I'll know better next time.

The finial on the end of his tail is made of Swarovski crystals.

When he is finished he will also have a lovely set of wings made of Fantasy Film, microbeads, and art glitter. Oh, yes, and also a left hand and a completed hairstyle. I'm not sure what to do about painting his face OR his horn. Ack... decisions, decisions! I'll think about those parts when I get to them!

I have another head in the studio that wants to be a female version of the same figure. I think with her I will try to do a red dragonfly though. I found a photo of one on the 'net when I was researching dragonfly tail shapes and they are gorgeous! I already have her wings started...

And finally, I want to send thanks to everyone for the prayers and well wishes they have lavished on me and my family as we face my mother's final illness. I can't express how comforting your thoughtful notes have been this past week. I am flying home to be with her tomorrow, and ask that you continue to pray for me as the weather reports are not looking so good! Oh well, whatever will happen is going to happen and I will just have to cope with it. But I really DON'T want to get stuck in an airport in a blizzard!


Linda said...

He is wonderful, Judi! What a talented woman you are! I hope you have a safe and uneventful flight. I know this will be a heartbreaking trip for you. I wish there was something I could say or do to make this easier for you, but there isn't. But you are a strong woman and you will be okay.
Big Hugs-
Linda F from FL

Grasshoppa's Art Adventures said...

Judi your sculpt looks fantastic and I am looking forward to seing it finished! I am sorry to just learn what is going on and what you are going through. You will be in my prayers.


Judi said...

He is just wonderful -- and you're making two? I can see them in a net .. working together to escape or something ... you sure are a talented sculptor!

Kai said...

Ah, a 'dragonfey'! What a beautiful creature he already IS! And I know he'll be magnificent completed! A RED 'damselfey', too? Now you can be SURE I look forward to seeing HER! I'm so impressed with the muscular detail on this small piece! WOW!
Be safe & stay strong, Judi, where this trip is concerned. Feel my hugs whenever you need them!

Shashi Nayagam said...

He is marvelous Judi. You are a multitalented lady.
Will keep your mum in my prayers as you make your journey to see her. It is a difficult time in your life so special thoughts and prayers will be for you.

Anonymous said...

He is going to be fantastic Judi! I am late posting this but do pray that your trip is uneventful and know we are with you as you go through this sad time.

Linda said...

Hey Judi! Just checking in with you to see what you have been up to lately. I hope all is well with you.
Linda F from FL

Jan D said...

Love him Judi!! I never tried to sculpt a male..DOnt think I will either hmmm leave them up to the talented ones like you..Cant wait to see the end results THis is so exciting wow..Isnt it nice to have a creative ability to help you thru things even tho they they create their own havoc (like me-s-s-eshmmm Hugs Jan D

Yvette said...

He is wonderful Judi! I love him.

Sending you lots and lots of hugs!

Linda said...

Hey Judi! I have the start of the fish tutorial posted.
Linda F from FL