Friday, February 09, 2007

Studio Show 'n Tell

One of my online groups is sharing photos of sewing rooms and studios. I am blessed with an enormous space to call my studio, but 25 years of collecting books, beads, fabric, etc has filled it up. It has looked worse, and it has looked better. This is pretty much normal.

It's an oddly shaped shaped space -- the front part used to be this old farm house's master bedroom. The farther space used to be a back porch. It still has a noticable slope to the floor, which is why I don't set up my machine in there, even though it would make more sense. That slope makes me crazy if I stand on it too long.

My storage closet is to the right as we walk in the door. It's really more of nook than a closet. I use it to store books and patterns.

Turning to the left you see my sewing machine. My computer desk is directly behind me as I am taking this photo.

Walking past the divider wall we come to my cutting table. My fabric stash is in another nook space out of the picture to the right.

And scanning back to the left we see my ironing board, warping board, and dress form.

At the back wall is a built in desk where I keep my beads, stamps, and other miscellaneous supplies. I've been trying to organize my beads lately, so the beading space is a little messier than usual.

If anyone has a good idea of how to organize beads, let me know. My "system" isn't much of a system I'm afraid.


Kai said...

Judi, you have a wonderful space! Wow! My bedroom (seriously) isn't CLOSE to the size of your studio! (I don't sleep in a bed anyhow, so I don't NEED a big bedroom! LOL!) But I enjoyed seeing your work space! Your bead area is my favorite! So colorful! Makes me want to bead something!

Jacque Uetz said...

Great space Judi, I am amazed at all those beads oh boy would I like to did around in there haha