Friday, February 16, 2007

Start to (almost!) Finish!

So close... So VERY close. It is agonizing to not be able to call her "finished" for good and all, but I just don't have anything to put in the nest in her hands. I plan on making a tour of the craft shops this weekend. Otherwise I think I might try sculpting something. I WILL complete a project from start to finish without deviating. It's become a point of honor now, LOL!

I used microbeads to blend the leaves into the fabric of her branches. I LOVE microbeads, even though the little monsters have a life of their own and bounce all over my studio.

I added a draping of seed beads to her throat and shoulders, just because those areas seemed so bare.

She was worth everything it took to bring her into being!

This is my latest Round Robin challenge. She came to me as a torso plopped into a Crown of Thorns gourd... I have pretty much given up on receiving anything "expected" from the ladies in this group. What a superb collection of imaginative artists! I am honored to have been included.

Anyway, she spoke to me of meadow flowers, so I set out to put her in her meadow. (There is NO WAY legs were going to work on this lovely.) The wire cage base was made using instructions if a recent Art Doll Quarterly Magazine. The apoxie embellishments are drawn from my trusty stock of Jean Bernard tricks. I used up the last of my stock of Apoxie on this project -- I will have to order some more. It is way too much fun to create with to be without!

I desperately wanted something original to me to be a part of my addition, so the bead dangles finishing the tips of the gourd are from my own imagination.

A coat (or 3 or 7!) of paint, and she will be ready to mail.


Sherry Goshon said...

welllllllll first of all love the rr doll and she is already speaking to me...wohoo awesome...and NOW that's soooooooooooooo beautiful...I'm totally in love with it...

Kai said...

Judi, she's amazing. You'd THINK I could do better than that - 'amazing' is so overused - but I am truly mesmerized by her. She's perfect! I honestly thought she was just right before the beads were introduced. But your eye knew to add them, and exactly HOW to do it! I also love what you did to the RR doll! I'll have to show you a photo tomorrow of my DIP - you'll understand why when you see her! LOL! At any rate, every time I visit your blog, my eyes get a treat!

sandraj said...

Judi, love your stump doll, just wanted to suggest that I could see her holding cascading leaves out of her arms. I like the microbeads and wondered where you got them. Also did you make fabric tubes to give her the look of tree limbs and roots on her bottom part? She really catches one's imagination
Nice work. Hugs, Sandra J

Linda said...

Judi, your tree doll is so pretty! You did a wonderful job creating her. I just love her!

And your touches to the RR doll are delightful! I am sure the owner is going to love it when she gets her doll back.
Linda F from FL

Jacque Uetz said...

Judi, your tree doll beautiful and all those wonderful embellishments just adds to her beauty!! I say more is better LOL!!

Kerry said...

Your tree spirit doll is awesome,I adore her face and I also love the micro beads and use them where ever I can! Really wonderful! I also love what you did with the traveling doll, Apoxy Sculpt is definately a must have and you did amazing work with it and the wire form.

Belinda said...

I really get a treat coming to your blog. I'm loving watching the evolution of your finishing up. The tree is really to die for. She is just awesomely wonderful!!! The RR is also great. Nope, can't live without the aves, and those micro beads... well honey you do know what to do with them.

Thanks for sharing all.

Belinda (eagerly waiting the next project)

MaryO said...

I loved your tree doll before the beads and she is even more intriguing now. Fun things going on in the RR doll, too!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Wow Judi your spirit doll is awesome. You did a great job of it.
The RR doll seems to be a fun project. A pity I missed out on this one.

Jan D said...

Hi Judi Kai set it up so I can visit everyone and boy has it been great I love this doll!! It is something I would Like to create but never could-- so I will just look and admire!!!Just beautiful What more can I say!!Jan D