Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wrestling with Issues

A long time ago, I began this doll in a class on Doll Street called "Asphidistra Flying" by Pearl Red Moon.

I got exactly this far before completely freaking out over the level of detail required to finish her, and quit. Had you asked me at the time, I would have told you that I had grown bored with her and it was time to move on to something else "for a little while..."

That "little while" has now been nearly 5 years. Meanwhile, she has sat patiently under my cutting table waiting for me to get un-bored (or braver!) and get back to work on her.

Both of my girls are now back in school after their little weather-induced mini-vacation, the daylight bulbs continue to work their magic on my energy levels -- if only we had had them years ago! -- and I have no money left to play with since we came home from Hawaii and can't afford to start anything new. I AM going to attack that pile of UFO's under the cutting table!

I paid all my bills and cleaned house Friday morning to give me NO excuses to shirk this work. The level of fear I experienced going back to revisit this doll really surprised me. On the other hand, the level of detailed information in this pattern is HUGE. I shouldn't be surprised that, being unprepared for it, I found it a little overwhelming.

It took me all afternoon -- over 4 1/2 hours -- but I did it. I created the textile for her dress and got it on her. Triumph!

Amazingly, I found the process to be almost hypnotic. I think I may have discovered another technique that I really really like DOING. The process itself that is, not just the end result.

This morning I finished the butterfly embellishment for the front of her dress and the beaded dangle that hangs from it. The camera flash has pretty much washed out the color of the beads, which is too bad because they gleam beautifully in and through the "petals" of her skirt.

I freely confess that I am blogging right now in order to stall for just a little longer before going back to work on her. The next step will be her wings, which involve lots more beading, and still more new techniques. Same for her headdress, but I am not even going to begin to think about that part yet...

I tell you, if I survive the challenge of making this doll, I will believe I can do anything. As a rule I enjoy learning new techniques, but all at once is becoming exhausting.


Shashi Nayagam said...

You have survived thus far and done a beautiful job of it. Now all you need to do is get up walk up to the doll sit in front of her and you know you will be inspired. You do beautiful work and I can't wait to see her finished.

MaryO said...

She's going to be lovely, Judi! Sometimes if you just concentrate on one step at a time the project becomes a little less daunting. But you're doing beautifully! Can't wait to see her all finished!

Judi W. said...

The textile you created for her dress is stunning. You really get your money's worth from her class - but you do work for it. You have all the skills to make this doll - maybe it's just the amount of work involved that is overwhelming. I know it took me 8 hours just to make two tiny shoes when I took an online class from her.
I'll look forward to the next installment! :-)

Kai said...

Judi, I've seen a number of Pearl's dolls (well, dolls made from her classes, I mean) and I have to say this is the most breathtaking one, by FAR! I already loved her in her 5-years-under-the-table state! She's stunning! The skirt is amazing & the butterfly & adornments exactly right for her! I sat and just stared at her for several minutes, kind of absorbing her. Did you sculpt her face yourself? I love her nose! And her colors - they are so subtle yet very 'musical' to me! I have no idea what else you still need to do to complete her, but I definitely want to see!

Kerry said...

Wow Judi you are making me wish I would have taken one of these classes from Pearl Moon. You are really doing a great job and I love where this is going, I'll be back to see her when she is finished!

thecoppermouse said...

Can you tell me more about Pearl Moon ? It looks very interesting! There's nothing wrong with taking as much time as you need to finish a doll. If you get cranky with it, just put it aside and work on something else. I know it helps me to do that. When dollmaking becomes aggravating, or any other form of artistic expression for that matter, take a breather. Be careful not to burn yourself out.