Thursday, January 18, 2007

Instant (sort of...) Gratification

I had planned on working on 3 more half finished dolls this week -- 2 from Li Hertzi patterns that just need to have the embroidery finished, and one big one by Pearl Moon tht I finally feel brave enough to tackle. (Anyone who has made her "Asphidistra Flying" pattern will know what I am referring to!)


We have had a spell of spectacularly nasty weather here in the Northwest this week. Both of my DD's have been home from school since last Thursday, and I just haven't been able to achieve that state of UNINTERRUPTED concentration I need to work on something new and fairly complicated. I decided to dig out some my sunniest scraps and "whip up" something simple and pretty and cheerful.

This is elinor peace bailey's "Keeper of Memories" reduced to 75% of original size. She is about 6 inches tall. Her flesh and the lining of her skirt are kool-aid dyed silk charmeuse, her body is silk duipioni, and her hair is the last of some spectacular "mermaid" colored mohair. (I must find some more of that stuff!) I had intended to finish her in an afternoon, but as usual, I got a little carried away.

It was so much fun and SO satisfying to make a doll of this kind again. It passed what might otherwise have been a long afternoon, and really revved my creative engines. I think I am really FINALLY ready to attempt to tackle "Asphidistra's" costume!


Judi W. said...

She is just the perfect remedy for bad weather - she is bright, sunny, and cheerful! Love all the colors - bet she makes you smile every time you look at her!

Linda said...

Love,love, love those bright colors! What a gorgeous creation to work on during the gloomy bad weather. This beauty would bring a breath of fresh air where ever she is!
Linda F from FL

Kai said...

She's SO cheerful & pretty! I can't imagine making a doll that tiny! The 'Kai' in me wants to ask a million questions - how did you do this and what steps to do that, etc. But I will spare you (LOL!) and say only that if THAT'S what you can accomplish WITH interruptions, WOW! I couldn't do it if I had 10 YEARS with NO interruptions. She's darling, Judi!

Shashi Nayagam said...

She is a darling. I think I need to do something like you. After a long break it is hard to get back into the grove.