Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Frenzy of Art

Maybe instead of Leaping Calf, My studio name should be ADD Art. I've been jumping from one project like a manic grasshopper all this week, LOL.

This is the first piece I have completed from Sherry Goshon's "Inner Child Wall Art" class at I am reasonably pleased with it, though I learned a lot about what I DON'T need to be doing for this kind of art. For example, I wish I had sealed with paper with the words on it on the back as well as the front. The paint under the paper seeped through and the words aren't as clear and easy to read as I would have liked. On the other hand, they blend well with the rest of the piece and don't stand out too much. Oh well.... it's done now.

It has been a wildly entertaining class with lots of give and take between the students and the teacher. Those are my favorite kind. It has also been a s-t-r-e--t---c----h for me to branch out into this kind of art. Flat AND 3D just felt sort of "wrong" at first... I think I got the hang of it though.

This one is the second of the 2 canvasses I have completed so far. This one is just for me and will be my signature piece. Again, I wish I had protected the paper...

I have 6 more in progess, but only one more is as large as these. 3 of them are pretty little...

This last one is from Jean Bernard's "OOAK Journal" class at Class Another fun class with some interesting and innovative journals coming out of it. The face is from one of my own sculpts, but other than that, I pretty much followed the teacher's instructions. I have some good ideas for another one that will be a little more my own design.

AFTER the bazaar next week! Until then, I am in a frantic finishing mode. Time to be creative later, LOL.


Judi said...

I LOVE these!! They all came out fantastic. I especially adore the journal. Wow!!

shashi said...

Wow Judi these are terrific pieces. You did good and I am sure Sherry is proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Your canvas pieces are extraordinary, Judi! BOTH of them are beautifully unique! And your journal turned out so lovely! Isn't it fun taking these classes & learning new ways to do things? You will be putting all your newly-learned techniques to good use, I know! Can't wait to see the next thing you create!

Isabella said...

Judi, I am just wowed by all your work and these are no exception- you are a very talented artist!
Linda F from FL

Fran said...

Love this piece. It is lovely.
Love & Hugs