Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I painted my little fairy girl last night. Oooohhh, that made for a bad moment just at first. She turned out WAY too green, AND her wig melted in the oven. (Oh dear!) On the other hand, the wig will be easy enough to replace (I didn't like it much anyway,) and the vinyl softened up enough to pop her head off to make her easier to work with. All is not lost after all!

I added a second wash of paint, this time a pale flesh color, which toned down the green nicely. Then yet another wash of a rosy/lavender/flesh to blush, and then some final touches of blue in the creases. Very fairy-esque! All she needs now are her tattoos. Still thinking those should be gold...

The tights are made from a striped T-shirt -- I honestly thought I had matched the stripes better than that. It's amazing how photography shows up flaws that I just don't notice otherwise. I've got her bustier made except for the eyelets. Her skirt is cut out and the wings are in progress. This little girl is addicting!

Here are the photos I promised of my white-on-white doll in progress. The glare in the photo washes out the nice tones of the silk her gown and robe are made of, which is too bad, but turning off the flash robbed her face and hair piece of their detail. Sigh...

She is made from a Kezi's "Dollmaker's Angel" pattern, which has a lovely realistic body, but weird arms and legs. It's as is she can't decide whether to be an art or a play piece. Fortunately, her clothing hides the flaws and hangs nicely from her body.

I lost the instructions for making her wings, so I am using the instructions from an online class I took this spring from Jean Bernard. These wings made of shredded crystal organza and floral wire. The upper wire is reinforced with Aves. I still have the painting and glitter and bead embellishments to add -- these are labor intensive wings!

I will be so So SO happy to finish this doll. She isn't nearly as much fun as I had hoped.

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Judi said...

Love the little fairy baby - she's coming along great! Can't wait to see what type of wig you buy for her! You have a great touch for color on these dolls.

If it's not raining can you take the white on white doll outside for her photo? Then the flash won't wash her out. I hate when that happens!