Tuesday, August 11, 2009

July's UFO - Finished, and oh WOW!

At long last, I have finally completed a white-on-white project that I am absolutely delighted with! I finished fringing and assembling the components of the White Collar the day after we came home from the Coast. (Well, I still need to get to a bead store and buy a suitable clasp for the end of the chain, but other than that it is FINISHED.)

Forgive me please for gloating, but I am so in love with this fringe.

On the other hand, I spent half of the afternoon today trying to get photos that show it off to its best, but this is the best I can do, even with a tripod and a timer. (Hmmmmm... perhaps it is time to clean my lens.) It looks fantastic with everything I have tried it on to wear it with, but I can't find a suitable background fabric that really lets it shine as it should in a photo, and I am getting frustrated. Anybody have some advice as to what do you think I need to do with this piece to get better photographs to upload on to Etsy?


Jennifer Rose said...

really gorgeous :D take pictures of it outside next to nature to try to make it shine?

Shashi Nayagam said...

This has turned out absolutely gorgeous.

MaryO said...

No suggestions about the photo, but this is even more spectacular than I had imagined it would be! Congratulations on another masterpiece, Judi.

Serena said...

it's GORGEOUS, Judi! Well done! as far as photographing goes, i would suggest a black or dark blue velvet backdrop to show off the whites more.

Linda Fleming said...

Wow- Judi, this is so beautiful! Truly a stunning piece of work.

Judi W said...

Ditto what everyone else says! Fabulous piece. I'd try outside too - maybe on the velvet.

HElen said...

Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful!!!

I would suggest to use necklace display, it usually comes covered with black fabric similar to velvet, may be bead store has it but there are a lot of them on e-bay or may be at the Foremountain bead place.

Or at least something darl for background.

Piece is awesome!

Karen Becker said...

Geez Judi, that is just stunning! All that work! You are so talented
Karen Becker

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

What a gorgeous piece! You should be very proud of yourself. :)
I would be. :)

Bear said...

ooh this is absolutely STUNNING!! What a creative woman you are and oh how I wish my beading was even half as good as yours Judi --this is soooo STUNNING!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

Jean Bernard said...

How did I MISS this work of art! STUNNING ! GORGEOUS ! BRILLIANT! AMAZING ! I hope I get to see it in Iowa! I agree with those that posted above.... get a jewelers necklace display in black velvet. Try taking the pictures outside. I would lay out a large piece of matching fabric and the necklace displace with your piece on it. Sometimes I will use a lamp outdoors and shine it directly onto my artwork. If you are taking pictures indoors not only do I use the flash I also use a lamp.
Thanks for the eye candy JudiA !