Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home Again

Sigh... The Dollmaker's Retreat, led by Sherry Goshon and Jean Bernard in Marshalltown, Iowa is over for this year and I am safe home again. I had the most wonderful time -- exhilerating, stimulating, exhausting, but completely and totally wonderful. The artists who attended, many of whom I have known for years only through online correspondance all felt like old friends immediately. And the talent! The air in our workroom was crackling with creative energy.

Most of my best photos of the retreat itself are posted on Jean Bernard's blog . The woman holding the camera wearing a blue shirt and a goofy grin is me. :-)

Here is my almost-finished doll.

I want to add a little more embellishment, especially around her headpiece, but I have to wait for my glue to arrive. Jean highly recomments Grrrip glue, and know I know why. The stuff is fantastic. It is not commonly available, but I found a source at Dollmakers Journey.

I am indecently proud of her. She was a delight to create. Every moment spent working on her was pure joy.

By the way, I want to put in a plug for one more online resource for One-of-a-Kind artists. Judy at My Wycked Ways offers a marvelous assortment of beads and baubles, papers, fibers, and films -- enough to keep a person as devoted to the adoration of sparkly things as I am mesmerised for hours! If you visit the site, be sure to click through until you come to the page displaying her wonderful wings. Of course I ordered a pair. (I am still without a sewing machine, and my sprite wants her wings!)

Two last pictures before I close for today... Jeff Kantrowitz, an artist from Reno who does incredible things with eggs and other things, taught a miniclass for us on Friday night. These "Dragon Eggs" were simple and fun to do.

The one on the right is mine, and the one on the left was a gift to me from Jean Bernard. They are going to get some extra bling as well once my glue arrives. I think I may need to make some more. Can't you see a whole bunch of them set out as the most wildly oppulent display of Easter Eggs ever?

I am already plotting how to save up to attend next year's Retreat.


Jennifer A. said...

Embellishment wouldn't hurt those eggs, but I think they're plenty dragonish right now. The purple one especially just breathes fire and brimstone. And the doll is beautiful. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Linda Fleming said...

Your retreat doll is drop dead gorgeous! I'd love to see a side view of her- she is pregnant, right? I hope you post more photos of her. She is truly beautiful, Judi, and you should be very proud of your work.

Shoogles said...

Wow, your reteat doll is wondeful!! I would love to attend one of sherry goshon / jean bernards retreats but alas I'm in the UK.