Sunday, January 06, 2008

Unexpected Blessings

My arm is healing nicely -- the doctor is impressed with how little pain I have considering how bad the break was. I feel as if I've done nothing but whine about my cast since she put it on, so it's time to QUIT that (it's only 22 more days...) and mention some of the blessings I have received instead.

*OK, so I didn't want to cut my hair, but it really is cute.

*My left hand can do a lot more than I would have thought.

*Because I can't put in my contact lenses, I have been forced to depend on my glasses. I have finally learned how to manage my bifocals.

*No underwires. I can't fasten any of my clasps, so have been wearing a "sport" style bra instead. Not very stylish, but comfy, LOL!

*The outpouring of love and concern I have received has been such a joyful comfort. They really like me!

* Company in the kitchen! I have become pretty capable with my left hand, but some tasks simply require 2. Chopping onions, or draining a big pot of pasta for example. Both of the girls have surprised me (and themselves I think) by suddenly becoming very interested in cooking. It has been a good learning experience for me too, to tell them what to do and how, and then force myself to BE QUIET and let them accomplish the task in their OWN way. They have been quick and capable students and I am so proud of them!

Lydia has done several full meals now, and Alice put out a hamburger spread the other night that would have been suitable for a great casual party.

Our biggest triumph though, was the family's Christmas Feast. Working from my new favorite cookbook, "Pure Flavor" by Kurt Beecher Dammier, we through tradition to the wind and put together a Salmon in Herb Butter with a savory blueberry sauce. Oh my! Even though the whole preparation was simple, we felt like real chefs. Yum!

I include a photo of the cover to liven up this plain little post. Also a plug, as well as my thanks to the author for sparking up my meal list... if you enjoy cooking interesting things, you will LOVE this book.

I don't recommend breaking one's arm as a life-affirming practice, but I gratefully accept the gifts given. God is good! and with a beginning like this, the rest of this New Year HAS to get better. Happy 2008!


Judi Wellnitz said...

There usually is a silver lining in those clouds! Must be nice to have that help in the kitchen!

Kai said...

I'm so glad you're healing! You sound very positive and that alone tells me you are feeling better! Of course, I already KNEW your new haircut would look pretty because YOU are pretty! You COULDN'T look bad if you tried, my friend! As for the girls assisting you with the cooking, I think that really IS a blessing. Not even so much because of the actual COOKING, but because it's one MORE lovely thing you can do together! It sounds as though 2008 may be off to a good start despite a broken arm! I'm GLAD for that!

Yvette said...

I'm so glad that your girls are helping. Maybe they will learn to love to cook! :o)
Only 21 days now--and it's alright to whine a little. :o)
That cookbook looks yummy - I think I will check it out!

Kerry said...

Funny how breaking body parts can give you a different outlook on your every day life and how your priority's change, things that seemed so important aren't anymore and visa versa. God always has a reason for things even if we never find out what it was. You have a great outlook and whinning is definitly allowed!!

Linda Fleming said...

How wonderful that your daughters have stepped up and are being such a great help to you. Only 21 more days!

Jacque Uetz said...

Glad to see your your spirit is soaring for the new year!
Happy New Year Judi A!!

Louisiana Momma said...

It's great that your kids are helping out... perhaps it will continue after your arm is healed :-) Glad to know you are on the mend as well.. are the dolls calling you??

MaryO said...

You have such a great attitude, I'm sure you'll heal very soon now! I must look for that if I needed another one....sigh.....